Diary of a Portly Empress

Transforming a Negative Life Into a Positive One

Day 1


I was very much in control of my appetite today which made me incredibly proud of myself. I am sitting here tonight feeling myself be proud of me. I don’t take a lot of pride in myself and I think the first step to this whole self-care thing is to feel your emotions about yourself, more so with the positive ones.

I went to the store today for the first time in a month. My refrigerator is finally working again after all the repair runaround. I didn’t buy any junk and am really looking forward to cooking in my kitchen again. I feel like things are possible today and I love that feeling.

I watched the Dr Ruth documentary on Hulu this evening and I really enjoyed it. Her story is so complicated and her life filled with tragedy but she didn’t let it consume her. She moved forward and never took anything for granted. She stood up for what she wanted and needed. What an inspiration that I truly needed to witness today.

I go to bed hopeful for the future for the first time in a very long time.

Goodnight to all and follow your dreams ❤


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